Volunteer and Fundraising

Some of the volunteer and fundraising programs we are involved with:

  • Rotary
  • October 5K Walk Against Child Abuse
  • 25 Mile Relay walk/run to bring awareness and education programs to benefit victims of child abuse.
  • Bread program for homeless and needy families for the prevention and education against domestic family abuse.

Hand in hand with the Los Angeles sheriff dept. and their 999 for Kids program. Our coalition of volunteers, founded by Shirley Johnson is dedicated to:

  • Report any signs of apparent child abuse.
  • Raise and donate funds to agencies for the emotional, physiological and physical therapy desparately needed for any child of abuse.
  • Toys, clothing, and holiday meals at Christmas time, in conjunction with Rotary.
  • Working in concert with many businesses in the area for the donation of clothing, computers, and financial aid for child and foster care housing.

Trying to find ways, with the police department, to change the laws for the protection of these victimized little children.