Shambala Wild Animal Preserve

Wild cats in their jungle-like natural habitat - up close and personal. These cats have been rescued by Tipi Hedren's team of care givers and brought to a healthy, happy environment found at Shambala. Enjoy a casual picnic among these magnificent animals. More on excursions...

Best Travel

For the individual(s) who are looking for something different from the norm, who have done the typical Hawaiim Mexico, Europe and want something unique to explore - the more out of the way places and destinations which more leisurely trips allow. For groups and individuals.

Specialized Itineraries to:

New Zealand

North and South Islands. Farm stays with local families. Learn about the Maori history, culture, and the farming industry. Sink your feet into soft sheepskin rugs. Learn the lay of the land and feast on the best lamb you've ever had. All home cooked by your homestay hosts.


The beautiful city of Sydney and famous opera house awaits with coffee or lunch tours, viewing this unusal structure. We can help you secure tickets for any of the world famous performances. Cross the famous expansion bridge - commonly referred to as the coat hangar - crossing Sydney Harbour hundreds of feet up with highly skilled guides to point out all the great views. Only the birds see it the same way!

Stay on one of the many island on The Great Barrier Reef or cruise on the islands using the vessel as your hotel with all the snorkeling or diving you want and a variety of great food on board. In the Northern Territories climb Ayers rock, if not to the top, then part of the way to "Chicken Point."


Private game reserver, hot air ballooning over Massai Mara. Speciality stays in the bush, in deluxe first rate Hemmingway tents. Travel to the deluxe Treetops Lodge in Kenya and view the animals from a private bunker - eye level with the animals you've only seen before in pictures.


England/Great Britain

Shirley's hometown. We prefer to stay in the out of the way places, small country villages in the 17th and 18th ccentury Coach Inns in the picturesque counties this region is so well known for. We try to stay away from the typical "canned" tour, instead offering leisure days - travel by train not always by coach. Dining in small local restaurants or the well known watering holes such as "THE PUB" - best food in the world! Hopping on and off the double decker red busses on your way to Windsor, Reading, Marlow. Perhaps you'll find one of William Shakespear's old ballpoint pens along the Thames embankment! When you return from Shirley's England, we think you will really feel you have had a chance to know the country, the traditions, and the people a little more first hand.

Our groups are leisurely, the groups are kept small. Minimum of 2 night stays. Almost everything is included where possible. We deal with vendors directly overseas cutting out the middle man and keeping the cost down without losing quality.